When Stairs Pose a Mobility Concern, Consider a Stair Lift

People with mobility problems consider stairs or steps enemy #1. If you are not living in a single story house, stairs can present a real problem. If you can walk but have difficulty climbing stairs, a stair lift may be the solution. Wheelchair users also would need a similar mobility device, if they needed to get to the second story of their home picket handrail.

These devices also known as chair lift, electric stair lifts, stairway elevator, and stair gliders are essentially mobility devices that aid people that have difficulty climbing stairs.

They have been helping elderly and handicapped gain maximum mobility by eliminating the hassle of stairs. Residential models are becoming more and more affordable to the average person. Do you have a loved one bound to a single floor of their house? A stair lift is essentially a seat on rails that aids a person up a flight of stairs.

These mobility devices are constructed out of aluminum rails, in which the chair glides up by a pulley cable or a chain. The chair is generally facing the side as it travels up the stairs. Generally the household models come with a seat, back rest arm rails and a foot rest. Rails can be customized to go either straight up the stairs or curve around corners, making an option available for any home.

There are a variety of models available, including chairs that glide up and down a rail and specialized lifts for wheelchairs and perching models with tall, narrow seats for narrow staircases. Each model is available for straight or curved staircases with curved models customized to fit spiral and other curved staircases.

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