What Losses Are Recoveryable in a Personal Injury Case?

You can be entitled to damages against the responsible party if you can demonstrate that their carelessness resulted in your injuries. You may be able to receive this compensation by filing a personal injury claim with the at-fault party’s insurance provider or by filing a personal injury lawsuit with a firm like santa ana personal injury.

For expenses and losses resulting from your injury, you can potentially be eligible for cash compensation. You might be able to recover depending on your injuries type and how they’ve affected your life:

1. Economic damages, including current and future medical costs, lost income, and property damage

2. Non-economic damages, such as those for mental agony, pain, suffering, physical deformity, and so forth.

3. Punitive damages, may be awarded by a judge in a personal injury case to punish the at-fault party for actions that were deliberate or egregiously negligent.