How To Avoid Accidents While Driving Around The Truck?

For those of you who drive small vehicles such as motorbikes or cars and are not careful, big trucks and buses can be a real risk on the roads. Fortunately, there are precautions we can take to avoid accidents involving such large vehicles. If you are having trouble with this, you can visit rideshare accident lawyer santa ana.

Here are 4 simple rules we need to remember when driving on the highway let alone driving around big trucks and buses.

Avoid the ‘blind’ spots
As previously mentioned, trucks and buses have blind spots (often called no zone or no zone). This point is located around the front, rear, and side of the vehicle. Those parts are the dangerous points for driving your vehicle around there. If you cannot see the truck driver in the side mirror of the truck, assume that the truck driver cannot see you either. When overtaking, make sure you look at the driver so you can give a signal before going faster. Instead, slow down your vehicle when a truck or bus passes by to give them space, so you can move straight away from blind spots.

Don’t cut the road too close
Cutting the road too close in front of another vehicle is always dangerous. the risk is higher if what we are ahead of our big trucks and buses. You need to remember, it can take a long time for large vehicles to stop. Plus, when cutting the road in front of a large vehicle, you are at the blind spot.

Never get parallel
Observing distances is very important when driving around big trucks and buses. One wrong move will have the fatal effect of making your vehicle slide under the body of the truck. As we can already imagine the consequences, your vehicle and you could be run over by truck and bus tires.