Growing Sprouts in a Jar

Growing Sprouts in a jar at home, has become really popular and it’s easy to do. Especially when you can’t get out to the garden or don’t have a garden but want to enjoy the fresh sprouts. Sprouts have the highest nutritional content over the lifetime of the plant seed and sprout.

If your new to sprouting, you might want to try it using a clean mason jar. It’s probably the lowest cost way to getting started to see if you enjoy growing and eating sprouts. Take out the center part of the mason jar lid and replace with plastic meshing or plastic seed lid, as metal screening can have a tendency to rust. Be sure though, that the grid in the meshing is fine enough that your seeds can’t come through.

Start by measuring about 1-2 tablespoons of organic seeds such red clover or alfalfa. Place into clean mason jar and then place fresh water into the jar covering the seeds over and screw on the plastic screen lid. Swish the seeds completely around and then let the water pour out the top. This is a good way to clean your seeds, sometimes if necessary do it a second time, to make sure the seeds are clean. Then fill the jar with fresh water about 2 inches over the top of the seeds so they are completely covered.

When using water for sprouting, use chemical free water, as your seeds will be in taking the water and whatever chemicals are in the water will be in your sprouts, such as chlorine. Let the seeds soak for 12 to 24 hours or as instructed on the seed package.

After this point, then once again rinse off your seeds and turn upside down to release remaining water. Often I will place the jar onto a dishrack or angled on the in side edge of a glass pan, with the top side down. This allows any moisture to drip out while allowing airflow. Repeat this same cleaning process twice a day for 3 to 4 days and after which you will have sprouts which are now ready.

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