Washing Rugs Regularly

Routine washing of rugs is mandatory for people with dust allergies. For people with dust allergies, washing home rugs is a mandatory routine. No waiting for how many months, the rug must be washed with the help from northern beaches carpet cleaning immediately on weekends. Especially for people with acute allergies. The slight smell of dust has made you sneeze until you have shortness of breath. Dust is very easy to stick to rugs. Moreover, a rug with a model of fine hair. The smell of dust on the rug for allergy sufferers is very strong. If there is sunlight entering through a gap in the window or roof, you can see a lot of small dust flying around.

Why does dust make it easy to sneeze and shortness of breath in allergy sufferers? Fine dust is made up of various dead skins, pet dander, mold spores, dead cockroaches, or even small animals called mites. The main cause of an allergy to dust is mites. Very small animals are not visible unless under a microscope. Mites are spiders. Living in a warm environment of 20 degrees Celsius. The mites feed on dead human skin cells and emit mounds of dirt that smell pungent, making the nose itchy and sneezing.

Cleaning dust and mites there is no other way than to wash. A home furniture must be in a clean condition without dust. Not only washing rugs, bed linen, and various other fabric tools, but also household furniture. This includes dusting photo frames, cupboards, floors, under cots/beds, and other household furniture. Likewise with dolls made of wool or other fine fabrics. If there are family members who are allergic to dust, you should participate in maintaining clean conditions. Because shortness of breath in dust allergy sufferers can cause dangerous shortness of breath. For maximum results, wash home rugs with soaking water with a temperature above 50 degrees Celsius. This method is effective for killing mites and cutting the breeding cycle of mites.

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