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What is ZetaClear?

ZetaClear is in essence a combination product that is used for combating fungal infection in and around the toe nails. It is a topical solution that has a rich concentration of plant oil and it works on the nail fungus externally to remove it while homeopathic remedies on the other hand are known to treat such conditions internally. According to ZetaClear manufacturers this is a product that is not only capable of cleaning nail fungus, but also enhancing nail health to a considerable extent, and in removing the yellowing of nails in people of every age.

What is ZetaClear Composed Of?

ZetaClear comes in two forms, namely as an oral spray and as a topical solution. The oral spray has an alcohol base of about twenty percent and works in the same way that homeopathic treatments for fungal infection are known to work. A few of the key ingredients in the ZetaClear oral spray include Mancinella, Sulphur, Antimonium Crudum, Thuja Occidentalis and Arsenicum Album. These ingredients combine together in order to soothe inflammation and support the innate healing abilities of the body, thereby helping the body to get rid of the infection all together.

The ZetaClear topical solution is made up of clove oil, tea tree oil, jojoba, almond, vitamin E, lemongrass and lavender oil. It also contains a substantive concentration of undecylenic acid which is derived from castor oil plants and which destroys fungi while relieving the burning and infecting of tissues all at the same time.

How is ZetaClear to be Used?

The ZetaClear topical solution needs to be applied over the infected areas using an applicator brush. At least three strokes of the brush need to be applied over the infected finger nail or toe nail or as many times as directed by a physician. The oral spray has to be delivered right under the tongue three times a day every single day for adults and for children who are above twelve years of age. There isn’t any specific guidance available as to how ZetaClear reviews complaints should be administered for children. Overdosing on the oral solution can prove to be quite dangerous, in which case help is to be taken from a medical expert or any poison control centre. When using the topical solution, care needs to be taken to ensure that it doesn’t get anywhere near the eyes or into the mouth.

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