Tips For Staying Healthy In The Harsh Winter Season

Why do more people get sick in the winter than at any other time of the year? The answer is quite simple: many people spend more time in closed places, where there is fire and other people can spread germs. Germs and viruses thrive in warm conditions, making the room a breeding ground for infectious diseases. If you’re an athlete, runner, or exercise enthusiast, you’re also at risk of developing a potential infection—especially an infection that upper respiratory tract infection (URTI). With winter approaching, this article offers some simple steps that can be taken to help athletes stay healthy and train this season. Playing football, dancing, skating, roller skating, billiards, even darts or card games is better than watching TV all day or surfing the Internet

Why is resistance reduced in runners and aerobic athletes? Exercise of any kind is considered stress by the body, so hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline are released to help adapt to the stress. Cortisol is released by the adrenal gland – although its purpose is to increase the energy supply in the blood to be used as fuel, at the same time it has a direct effect on the system immune system. Long-term aerobic exercise or long-distance running has a greater impact on prevention than short, intense or anaerobic exercise, possibly due to the long-term increase in immunosuppression associated with increased levels of cortisol. Strenuous exercise can increase the release of cortisol due to increased “stress” but the duration of these elevated levels is short-lived. This may explain why runners and those who participate in long-term exercise are more prone to upper respiratory tract infections or URTIs.

Eat good, healthy food. Give your body what it needs to make you strong, to fight those nasty germs, build a strong immune system. You know what I mean. Other vegetables, cooked and raw in salads. Other fruits, in season like citrus fruits, in season like anything else. Remember how happy we are to get strawberries from all over the world, even in winter. Fruits are delicious and good for you. Take vitamins. Only if you don’t eat what you need every day.Vitamins can be very beneficial, so stick to recommended dosages. Get off your back and do some exercise. Full indoor facilities.