5 Things To Look For Before Buying A Baby Crib

Baby cots are usually made of materials such as wood or metal, but some models can be folded. Of the various types of cribs on the market, you should carefully consider what materials are used so that they are non-toxic and harmless to your little one. Look for references from https://adviserbaby.com/crib-changing-table/ so you can get the best baby crib.

In addition, also consider the suitability of the mattress and bed linen for the baby. Loose sheets can cause your baby to snag or fall, avoid this by using a high-quality mattress! Here are some things to consider when buying a crib:

1. Stability. When you’re at the baby store or when making a crib at home, try rocking the crib. If the bed is rocking, likely, the bed was not assembled properly. Although this could also be a sign that you need to find something sturdier.

2. Save space. Parents with limited space prefer mini or portable baby cots where both don’t take up much space. Some can be folded for easy storage when not in use, some have wheels so they can be moved easily.

3. It’s best to avoid cribs with sides that can be opened, ma’am. Side parts that can be opened and closed have become a common model, but this can pose a risk of danger to the baby. If the side is loose or detached, the baby can get stuck and have difficulty breathing.

4. Adjustable mattress height. Most cots can be adjusted in height by raising or lowering the mattress support. The time to lower the mattress height is when the child starts to stand up. When the child becomes active, moves up, and stands, he can climb and fall from the crib.

5. Crib bumpers. The padding used on the inside of the crib bars is sometimes still included in crib sets, but this can put your little one at risk for SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).